End User Benefits:


Helium Whisper® saves 20 to 60 percent of the weight over legacy pouch equivalents, reducing the unbelievable weight burden of the modern warrior. Helium Whisper replaces the multiple layers of webbing, fabric, snaps, and stiffeners used in traditional MOLLE construction with a single layer of high performance ULTRAcomp.


Gear built with the Helium Whisper® attachment system is fully MOLLE compatible and will fit on all MOLLE and PALS platforms such as rucks, armor carriers, vests or belts. No additional platforms or proprietary equipment is needed to fully integrate Helium Whisper pouches.


The ULTRAcomp® material is hydrophobic. When wet, ULTRAcomp sheds water and does not accumulate weight. The high performance laminate is also self-extinguishes with no melt and no drip properties. ULTRAcomp is also antimicrobial-treated and easily washable.


The ULTRAcomp® material, as used in the Helium Whisper® attachment system meets or exceeds the durability of 1000d Cordura® fabric even though it is deceivingly thin. Tested to ASTM 3884, ULTRAcomp passed through over 8,000 cycles of a 50-gram Taber test. Adding to the material durability, the attachment straps are integral to the backer with no sewn seams to fail or be torn off.

Helium Whisper uses a propriety hook and loop fastening system that is superior to snaps. Everyone has seen Natick Snaps on traditional MOLLE pouches rusted shut, broken, missing, or otherwise inoperable. The Helium Whisper tabs tuck underneath for a quiet, secure, failure-free attachment. If a pouch were to be pulled away from the platform, Helium Whisper would pull the attachment tighter, compared to snaps that simply pull apart.


Helium Whisper® is field-repairable. There are no metal snaps that require setters or spare snaps to repair. Helium Whisper only requires a knife and paracord, zip ties, or thread for the user to be back in the fight, reducing bins full of damaged, unusable field gear.

Manufacturing Benefits:


The flexible nature of the Helium Whisper® attachment straps increases the modularity of the pouches. The ULTRAcomp® straps can be folded in half and inserted into mis-sewn or undersized MOLLE channels, making use of all available space previously prohibited by plastic stiffeners in conventional MOLLE. Gear made with Helium Whisper is also flexible enough to be mounted on belts and other non-traditional mounting platforms.


Helium Whisper® is available for adoption now. It has been fully field tested and highly rated by military users. Helium Whisper backers are a turnkey solution for manufacturers looking to cut costs, eliminate sewing errors and deliver superior products over the competition.


Production and assembly of Helium Whisper® backers is extremely efficient. The Helium Whisper® backers are laser-cut to 1/1000th of an inch to reduce wasted materials and improve quality product yield. In the process, sewing alignment marks are etched into the laminate to further enhance the efficiency of sewing. Helium Whisper backers require less parts and sewing which greatly reduces labor costs, time and quality issues.


Helium Whisper® backers can be integrated into almost any sewn pouch or equipment with little additional training. Helium Whisper® backers can be sewn using standard sewing machines and do not need specialized tools or hardware.